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11.12.2021 - 11.13.2021

The crowns of light resting on some of the lightpoles for InLight were designed by the Networked Public Space team at the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. Networked Public Space’s mission is to bring environmental issues into visibility through design and technology. The crowns of light respond to the call of voices nearby or pollution sensors measuring unhealthy particulate matter. At InLight, these data became visible on site through the crowns. Networked Public Spaces develops open-source sensor kits for connection to community-based environmental monitoring networks. Those sensor kits then provide data to activate public space design, like the crowns at InLight, that make environmental data visible.

InLightNetworked Public Space
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Audio Transcript: This is Seshi Konu from Networked Public Space, a research team in the School of Architecture at UVA led by Professors Mona El Khafif and Andrew Mondschein. We designed three large crowns installed high above Free Bangura’s ancestor portals to help illuminate her innovative project entitled Untold RVA’s Keepers of the Light. This particular street light is networked with environmental sensors and through the collection of this data, we wish to encourage deeper respect for Mother Earth. If you would like to learn more please use the QR code below or visit

We are grateful to have participated in this event. We thank Free Bangura and Keepers of the Light, Untold RVA  for their collaboration on the event.

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