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The shrub archetype within the Ostenda Illuminata Prototype is designed to react to sound. As sound increases, the shrubs become brighter and quieter, shrubs become more dim.

This species is composed of two materials and a series of tech components and codes listed within the catalog below. The basic construction series, from left to right, is as follows; 1) sandwich LED Rings between two plexiglass circles to protect and stabilize LED's and slide assembled rings onto the plexiglass rod 2) drill holes below where rings sit to feed wires through for soldering 3) feed wires through hollow plexiglass rod and solder ends to LED Rings 4) fix sandwiched rings into place using plexi-weld glue 5) once dry, feed fishnet stocking or other tubular fabric over the constructed shrub to disperse light across surface of species. 



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