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In Richmond, Highways like I-95 (marked below with the light blue dashed line) are significant sources of pollutants. The original division of Shockoe and the African Burial Ground caused by urban renewal and highway construction continues to resonate with negative environmental and health impacts. Continuous monitoring at the African Burial Ground and other sites on and off I-95 can reveal how environmental impacts vary across Richmond and where action and resources to reduce those impacts are needed. Learn more about Shockoe from these interviews with Ana Edwards, Kim Chen, and Phil Wilayto.

Richmond SITE MAP.jpg

On the ground, sites along the highway are exposed to fluctuating levels of air pollution due to the ebbs and flows of traffic. 

Zooming into the neighborhood of Shockoe in Richmond, we take a closer look at the landscape and impact sites and communities.

In the diagram below, we begin to diagram the space below the raised portion of the highway. Naming key stakeholders and resources on site.


The site conditions below, highlight the community of businesses, transport hubs, community gathering spaces, and anticipates the network of sensors that fold into this matrix.


Streetview images provide insight into the ground conditions and characteristics of the physical space as well as the network of potential partners.

Images from Google Maps

The sound in Shockoe is another essential characteristic of the space. The video below highlights the sensation and sound of a passing train.

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