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The tree archetype within the Ostenda Illuminata Prototype is designed to reflect an accumulation of sound data over time. As sound is transmitted to the shrub species through the digital microphone, it is stored on the internet and sent back to the tree species. The tree then reflects an average of how loud the surrounding noise was over a twelve hour period.

This species is composed of two materials and a series of tech components and codes listed within the catalog below. The construction series, for the tree base, is as follows (tree canopy series and description below); 1) sandwich LED Rings between two plexiglass circles to protect and stabilize LED's and slide assembled rings onto the plexiglass rod 2) drill holes below where rings sit to feed wires through for soldering 3) feed wires through hollow plexiglass rod and solder ends to LED Rings 4) fix sandwiched rings into place using plexi-weld glue 5) once dry, feed fishnet stocking or other tubular fabric over the constructed shrub to disperse light across surface of species 6) see tree construction below - once tree canopy is constructed, place on top of constructed species. 


The tree canopy is constructed out of plexiglass. The plexiglass fins both create the structure and extend horizontally creating the canopy. Once all the files are lasercut, start with the lower pieces and work upwards; 1) solder the four quarters of the LED Ring together and sandwich this between the two plexi pieces 2) the upper sandwich is the base of the canopy where you can begin inserting the plexi fins into the canopy base 3) once all fins are inserted, place plexiglass cap on the canopy to secure and fix using plexi-weld glue.


Tree Canopy.jpg


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